Water temperature measurer

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  1. In the hostel, we often tend to waste a lot of water in search of hot water and at certain points, the water doesn’t come at all.
  2. Most of us tend to forget to drink water throughout the day. This makes us dehydrated and uneasy.
  3. Usually, there is no detector to tell us how much our laptop has charged and the charging light just goes off only when the charge is full.


        1. Having a light sensor that senses the temperature of the water that is coming through the taps.

      2. a water level sensor that tells you every hour how much water is there and you need to drink water often.

        3. a meter that gives you reading outside the charger to tell how much has the laptop charged.


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1 on March 18, 2019

Third idea is redundant. Laptop already tells you %.

I like the first and second. 

First will be difficult to implement practically. If you are really interested to do it, let me know.

Second is fairly doable practically.

on March 18, 2019

 I talked to one of the seniors and he suggested that I move with my second idea because that sounded interesting to them as well.  The thing with the first idea is that it would cover a lot larger range of applications which would be difficult in the given time


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